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I am the youngest son of Jack Engle, Engle Racing Cams which he established in 1941 by grinding his first cam before we entered WWII. Engle Cams blossomed in the 50's with Jack's cam designs which made Oldsmobile's out run Chryslers at the drag strips, Engle Cams grew. During the 60's Engle Cams was one of the leading camshafts in the racing industry setting countless records, winning countless races, and championships. Jack Engle was a member of the Low Fliers hot rod car club in the 30's & 40's where he hung out with fellow club members like Stuart Hilborn (Hilborn Fuel Injection) Jim Travers, & Frank Coon. (Traco Racing Engines) Phil Remington (Shelby American, & All American Racers, Dan Gurney) Howard Wilson 1st man over 150mph on the dry lakes. The kid who hung out and was not taken seriously was Phil Hill. 1st American to win Formula 1 GP Series. These are the guys who were at the New Years Eve parties when I was growing up, pretty heavy crowd for a kid like me. So the guys who worked at Engle Cams while I was growing up were. Don Moody Office Manager, first man in the 8's on the west Coast. 3rd man in the 5's in a Fueler 1972. Wes Cerny front shop Forman Owner of the car which was 3rd one in the 5's, and has his own legacy including being responsible for the Budweiser car going over 300 in 1991 which included an Engle Cam! John Peters back shop Forman built owned and ran the winningest Top Gas Dragster of all time the twin engine Freight Train, which he welded the chassis on the floor of our shop. These are the guys who I answered to in our shop while growing. So I was surrounded by racing legends in my formidable years and watched these guys on wide world of sports on TV.

When I became of age I took over the office of Engle Cams in the 1980 until 2008 when I walked away from the business. I was the President of our family business for the past 30 years. Working with top engine builders across the country, and top racers doing camshaft research and development gave me inside as to what makes engine combinations work. I worked with the best, like Dick LaHaie who stayed loyal to Engle Cams when others followed the money. Dick and I worked on his combinations which made for 5 Top Fuel Championships and countless wins.

So my engine building experience started with model airplanes, and go carts when I was 8 years old. My first car was a stock rebuild Datsun 1600 at 15. I have built engines virtually my whole life for myself, and my family. 1987 I was then given the opportunity by Ed Silbermann to get out from behind the desk and into the seat of his Super-Comp Dragster 8.90et successful car call UnderBear. This was a life changing experience which turned me into a racer. It put me in the seat, at the racetrack as a participant rather than a spectator, manufacturer, sponsor etc. I had a very successful racing career starting by winning my first 2 races. Racing with the Southern California Econodragster Assoc. While Ed drove the car at the Division 7 races. We shared many wins together both as drivers and crew chiefs for each other, we ran for almost 10 years. Next I built my own car called the WarBird. Super Eliminator class rear engine dragster which ran 7.90et 172mph and I built the engines and the car in 1996 and campaigned it until 2008. During that time I won dozens of races and won the points championship in So Cal Super Eliminator Assoc. is 2002. and was #2 points man 4 other years. I had Ed Silbermann as my Crew Chief. which contributed to much of my success. I have had much fun and learning being a owner, builder, driver of my own operation.

Next I got involved with Ronnie Case the sprint car owner, driver, first as a sponsor, then his engine builder. I have had a friendship and relationship with Ronnie and his bright orange #8 car which he has put me in the winners circle as an engine builder more than once. I have also become his crew chief on both his VRA 360 sprint and USAC 410 sprint car. I have also built engines for Luis Espinoza VRA 2004 Champion and Jeff Wilson in the 360 sprint car world. Racing keeps you on your toes, and paying attention to latest technologies. The other thing I learned is it is not always who makes the most power, but who get the power on the ground.
Thank You for checking out my site and I will make changes from time to time as we make more history. Mark Engle